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If you have received a letter or an email from us asking to set up an appointment, this simply means that we’ve been contracted by your insurance carrier to conduct the annual premium audit. It’s common for insurance carriers to outsource the annual premium audit function to an insurance service company such as OnPoint Solutions. We are not a broker, underwriter, or insurance carrier. At OnPoint Solutions, we simply collect all relevant information from the policy holder (you), aggregate and organize the information, and submit it to the carrier. Your insurance carrier will then determine if/how the data OnPoint Solutions provides will impact your insurance policy. In most cases, audits conducted by an insurance service company are required to keep your policy in good standing.


Here is a list of the common items that we ask for when working on your audit:

  1. List of employees with job titles and duties that were active during the audit period
  2. List of owners/officers during the audit period
  3. Federal and State payroll tax filings for the 4 quarters covering the audit period
  4. Internal payroll reports that coincide with the audit period
  5. Link to company website
  6. List of payments made to independent contractors during the audit period

As the policy holder you will be asked to transmit the required information via a secure method that OnPoint Solutions will provide. We have a secure environment for your data and this information will only be viewed by OnPoint employees and your insurance carrier.

Please know that this process is usually easy and it’s not intended to be intrusive. As an insurance service company, we understand that you have a regular job to do and we make every effort to be respectful of your time as well as the time of your staff. There can be times during which we need to ask for more details and/or clarification, but we try to minimize these occurrences.