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Is there reconciliation work that you aren’t currently doing that would add value to your overall service offering? Is there reconciliation work that you are currently doing that is stretching the bandwidth of your team? If the answer is yes to either of these questions then the payroll reconciliation work we provide at OnPoint Solutions could prove to be valuable. Some of the more common functions that we help payroll service providers with include, but are not limited to:


Medical/Dental/Vision Benefits Reconciliation

Is part of your value proposition that you are proactively managing all aspects of health benefits? If so, can you confidently tell your clients that you are protecting them against billing errors? Can you confidently tell them that each employee gets enrolled in the correct plans with the correct effective dates 100% of the time? If benefits management is a part of your service offering and you answered no to the questions above, then the payroll reconciliation services we offer at OnPoint Solutions are what you need!

We realize that not all payroll service providers operate in the same way and to be an effective partner OnPoint Solutions would need to gain a complete and thorough understanding of your internal processes. At OnPoint Solutions, we are obsessed with details, and we know that in a client relationship the smallest detail could make a huge difference. We build YOUR details and YOUR unique internal processes into our reconciliation procedures. OnPoint Solutions does the work, but you get the credit!  That’s how we want it!


Workers’ Comp Audits

As a trusted payroll service providers, you want your clients to know that you are constantly looking out for them. OnPoint Solutions can help your clients navigate their way through annual premium audits. We can help them prepare for the audits by reconciling internal payroll reports to quarterly tax filings, and we can also help answer any payroll reconciliation questions the auditor may have. We can also clearly explain the how the results of the premium audits impact your clients from a billing standpoint. It’s our job to make sure these audits are easy and painless for your clients.


401k/Health Spending/Transit Reconciliation

If drawing funds from your clients and paying the providers is part of your service model, then you have some exposure that should be actively managed. OnPoint Solutions can help make sure you’re on top of this!

Client Account Reconciliations

At the end of a client relationship, are you truing up with your client in a timely and accurate manner?  Realistically, you only get one shot at a final reconciliation and true up. We get it, and we can help. This would take some initial collaboration to understand your accounting processes, but the OnPoint Solutions team is composed of former accountants at payroll service providers – if anyone can help, it’s us!

Anything else you need!

You define your need and we will collaborate with you to create a solution! As a payroll service provider, there are probably many things you’d like to do that will add value to the relationships you have with your clients; however, you may not have the capacity to do so. We can help with this and are ready to get started. We’ve been in your shoes and we get it!