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Workers’ Compensation Premium Audits

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At OnPoint Solutions, we understand that completing annual premium audits on time can be critical as there is premium at stake. We make a significant effort to complete all audits as quickly and efficiently as possible. While we do have our own templates that capture and organize all relevant data needed to properly complete premium audits, we are open to submitting the data in your preferred format. We are committed to understanding exactly what you expect when it comes to premium audits, and we customize our processes accordingly.

OnPoint Solutions offers different types of premium audit services depending on your needs. For organizations requiring physical audits, our field auditors visit the insured’s worksite and conduct a thorough inspection of employee job duties. We also ask the insured appropriate questions about the business operations. The auditor will reconcile internal payroll reports to both the Federal and State quarterly tax filings while onsite. Currently, our auditors can travel up to 100 miles from Concord, CA to conduct physical audits.

In addition to physical audits, OnPoint Solutions also offers telephone audit solutions where communication with the insured is done entirely by phone and/or email. Our auditor will reconcile internal payroll reports to the quarterly tax filings that cover the policy period. The auditor will also review the employee roster and ask appropriate questions about job duties and overall business operations to determine class codes. These findings are included in the final audit report that is submitted to the carrier.  We understand that not all audits are the same and that each audit may have certain nuances that need to be accounted for.  We are committed to understanding these nuances and ensuring that these are accounted for during the audit process.

Our fees are based on hourly bill rates that are highly competitive in comparison to other insurance services firms. Physical audits are billed at a higher rate to compensate for travel time and expenses.