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Helping Your Brokerage Stand Out from the Rest!

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At OnPoint Solutions, we understand how competitive the landscape is in the brokerage industry. We offer back office functions that can help make your brokerage stand out from the rest. These functions include, but are not limited to:

Commissions Reconciliations

Making sure that you and your producers are paid accurately and in a timely manner is critical. This can be challenging because each carrier has different nuances that impact commissions due to you as the broker as well as commission payable to your producers. We also know that carriers aren’t perfect, and can make mistakes that could cost you money. It can be a pain to pick up the phone and call the carriers with commissions questions. Our commissions analysts won’t hesitate to pick up the phone and call the carriers to ask any necessary questions. We’re on it! We love what we do, and we want to help. Together, we will collaborate on a plan and a process to effectively manage the carriers, rather than react to them.

Workers’ Comp Premium Audits

As a broker, you want your clients to know that you are constantly looking out for them. OnPoint can help your clients navigate their way through annual premium audits. We can help them prepare for an audit by reconciling internal payroll reports to quarterly tax filings, and we can also help answer any payroll questions the auditor may have. It’s our job to help prepare for an audit and make sure they are easy and painless for your clients. OnPoint does the work, but you get the credit! That’s how we want it!

Anything else you need!

You define your need and we will collaborate with you to create a solution! As a broker, there are probably many things you’d like to do that will add value to the relationships you have with your clients; however, you may not have the capacity to do so. OnPoint is here and we are ready to partner with you!