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OnPoint Solutions, LLC is an independent insurance and payroll support service company headquartered in Concord, California. OnPoint Solutions offers premium audit services to insurance carriers throughout the country, including both physical and telephone/email audits. In addition, our business solutions for brokers and payroll service providers range from simple, high volume administrative functions to complex, time sensitive reconciliations.

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For Carriers

At OnPoint Solutions, we understand that completing annual premium audits on time can be critical as there is premium at stake. Our premium audit services can be provided onsite or by phone and we will always complete our work as quickly and efficiently as possible. Our audit services include internal payroll reconciliation and class codes review, which are included in a final audit report submitted to the carrier.

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For Brokers

From commissions reconciliations to workers’ compensation premium audits, we offer back office functions that can help make your brokerage stand out from the rest. We will work with you to create a plan that works best for your needs and ensures that your customers receive excellent service.

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For Payroll Service Providers

Our services for payroll service providers include medical, dental and vision benefits reconciliation, workers compensation audits, 401k, health spending and transit reconciliation, and client account reconciliation. At OnPoint Solutions, we will complete reconciliation work that will add value to your service and eliminate strain from your workforce.

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For Policy Holders

If we have been contracted by your insurance carrier to conduct their annual premium audit, you will receive a letter or email for us asking to set up an appointment. We are not a broker, underwriter, or insurance carrier; we simply collect all relevant information from you so we can aggregate and organize it to submit to the carrier.

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